Chapter Links for Text Only Members

This page is for members who receive text only emails or are unable to use the hotlinks in the monthly contact message from their email program or mobile application. These email addresses can be typed into a send line manually and web addresses manually entered or copied and pasted into a web browser line.

For emails, once the address is copied and pasted you will need to remove the “mailto:” portion of the address.

If you are still unable to access what you are looking for please contact the FTH webmaster at Also, if a link does not work please let us know 🙂 Please remove all spaces from addresses.  Websites are hotlinked and spelled out.


From the Heart Board Contact Information

President: Ana Morgan – president1 (at) fthrw (dot) com

Vice-President Programs: Wendi Sotis – vpprog1 (at) fthrw (dot) com

Vice-President Communications: Connie Bretes – vpcomm1 (at) fthrw (dot) com

Secretary: Kathryn Daugherty – secretary1 (at) fthrw (dot) com

Treasurer: Amanda Murphy – treasurer1 (at) fthrw (dot) com


FTHRW Contest and Committee Contact Information

Beta Reader’s Group Chair: Renee Ann Miller – betareaders (at) fthrw (dot) com

Critique Loop Chair: Ana Morgan– critiques (at) fthrw (dot) com

Member Recognition Chair: Christine Grissom – memberrecognition (at) fthrw (dot) com

Member’s News Coordinator: Connie Bretes – vpcomm1 (at) fthrw (dot) com

Procrastinators Group Chair: Cheryl Pitones Rider – fthrw_procrastinating-owner (at) yahoo groups (dot) com

PFTH Contest General Questions – PFTHContest (at) fthrw (dot) com

Social Media Facebook Chair: Carol Malone – socialmedia (at) fthrw (dot) com

Webmaster:Marie Benesh – webmaster1 (at) fthrw (dot) com

Assistant webmaster:  Merien  Grey – webmaster1 (at) fthrw (dot) com

Workshop Chair: Wendi Sotis  – workshops (at) fthrw (dot) com


FTHRW Website and Members Only Forms

FTH Website –

FTH Self-Promotion Criteria –

FTH Workshop Schedule and Sign up form –

FTH Webinar Schedule and Sign up form –

Renew your FTH Membership form –

Submit a Recognition Milestone form –

Submit your Good News Form –

Update your FTH Contact info –


FTHRW Heart to Heart Fund

The Heart to Heart Fund  –

The link above contains program information, the donation link, and the application form. Thank you!


FTHRW Social Media Links

FTH Twitter Page

FTH Facebook Page

FTH Pinterest Page


FTHRW Topic of the Week Archives

Topic of the Week Archives


FTHRW Workshop Archives

Workshop Archives


RWA Programs

Becoming a Pan Member

Becoming a Pro Member


RWA Contact Information

RWA Home Page –

RWA Membership Assistance –

RWA University –

RWA Chapter Events Discussion Loop –

RWA Chapter Events (conferences, contests, online workshops) –