Contest Committee

The contest committee is in place to organize and run both the Golden Gateway Competition (unpublished) and The Lories (published).Positions within this committee: The committee has ten volunteers, who include a chair and two or more coordinators. The chair will delegate the responsibilities to the volunteers.

Volunteer Responsibilities

Time involved for the chair equalled approximately 100 hours over a two/three month period of time. Volunteer needs to understand that most of this happens in intense chunks of time — it is not spread out throughout that time. Deadline times are the heaviest — deadline for entry and subsequent formatting and distribution to judges, then deadline for scoring and subsequent review and return of each entry to entrants.

These are the volunteer responsibilities and are subject to change depending on the team and how the chair delegates responsibilities.

Golden Gateway Unpublished Competition and The Lories Published Competition. The following is an example of how the responsibilities are broken up for each of the two contests:

  • Review of rules/procedures/score sheets (full committee participation)
  • Publicity of contest — email lists, contests sites, RWR ad, RWR notice (chair)
  • Handling of all contest inquiries and email (chair)
  • Receipt of payment (FTHRW Treasurer)
  • Receipt and confirmation of entry forms (chair)
  • Receipt, confirmation and formatting of electronic entries (coordinators)
  • Recruitment of judges (chair)
  • Assignment of entries to judges (coordinators)
  • Formatting and distribution of entries to judges (coordinators)
  • Review of each entry upon return (coord)
  • Tracking of all scores / double checking of comments and math on score sheet (coord)
  • Notification of finalists (coord)
  • Return of all entries (coord)
  • Publicity of finalist announcement (chair)
  • Forwarding of contestant thank you notes (coord)
  • Forwarding of finalist entries to editors (chair)
  • Winner notifications (chair)
  • Winner plaque ordering and mailing (chair)
  • Certificate mailing (chair)
  • Finalist entry/comments return (chair)
  • Editor thank you gifts (chair)
  • RWR listing for winners/placements (chair)