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Members of FTHCritiquers exchange honest and helpful critiques of first drafts and revisions; character profiles and plots; queries and synopses; contest, agent, and publisher submissions and revisions. We cheer for our successes and best attempts, and pull together like the ideal family when
there is a deadline. Beginner to multi-pubbed, all members’ genres are given the same thorough, line-by-line treatment.


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  1. Caroline Lingaitis

    I would be happy to read and critique for someone if needed.
    Caroline Lingaitis

  2. Susie McIver

    Hi I’m almost finished with my first book and would love to have it critiqued. I don’t know what I’m suppose to do. If you could let me know that would be wonderful. Hopefully I will be able to figure it out on the computer.
    Thank You Susie McIver.

  3. I’ve just completed my WIP. I’d appreciate forming a crique partnership. Thank you.

  4. I’d love to join the critque loop and find a critque partner. My first draft is complete and I am looking for feedback.

  5. My name is Lynn Hammond. I am a new author. My book will be coming out next month. I have been pulled all different ways of what I need to do. I am told I need a Critique partner. I need someone to read over my book and read my blurb for the back. Can someone help me. Thank you

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