Membership Renewal

Renew Your FTHRW Membership


All renewing memberships to FTHRW will be processed through the website. See the link below. You may renew anytime before your membership expires through this method.

Dues are $25 for Members - Please Enter Your Information Below.

  • This form is for current member renewals. After you click submit, you will be taken to the MyRWA site to complete your payment.



When you submit this form:

1. Submit will take you to FTHRW’s annual membership page:

2. Click “Add to cart.”

3. Type in the required information. Then click “Add to cart and View cart,” located at the bottom center.

4. This takes you to “Shopping Cart.” Click Billing, checkout, okay.

5. Invoice page: at bottom, click “Pay with Credit card.” This will take you to Paypal.

6. Pay with your Paypal account or follow Paypal’s instructions for paying by credit card.

7. A few keystrokes, and you’re done!