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Workshops from 2012


January 2012

Romancing the Palate

by Rebecca Lynn

February 2012

Online Media: How to build your audience before your book is sold!

by Pat Hauldren

March 2012

Story Structure

by Virna DePaul

April 2012

Crafting the Sensual Novel

by Eliza Knight

May 2012

Body Talk

by Kit Frazier

June 2011

Characters Welcome

by Christine Amsden

July 2012

Make Me Care

by Kat Duncan

August 2012

Increasing Your Creativity and Health with QiGong and Meditation for Writers

by Pat Hauldren

September 2012

Loglines, Blurbs and Premises

by Virna DePaul

October 2012

Short Story: From Concept to Upload

by Jodi Henley

November 2012

Editing Your Book in a Month

by Eliza Knight

December 2012

Build to Suit: Fiction Worldbuilding

by Raquel Rodrigues

Workshops from 2011


January 2011

Nuturing the Writer Within

by Mary O’Gara


February 2011

All About Agents

by Kara Lennox


March 2011

Goal, Motivation, Conflict and Disaster

by Misa Ramirez


April 2011

Peeling Yourself Off the Wall: 20 Ways to Dodge the Writer’s Block Bullet

by Beth Daniels


May 2011

Bringing New Worlds to Life in Science Fiction and Fantasy

by Christine Amsden


June 2011

Prologue Structure for Character-driven and Plot-driven Stories

by Jodi Henley


July 2011

Developing Active Voice for Emotional Impact

by Kat Duncan


August 2011

Silencing Your Inner Saboteur

by Sherry Peters


September 2011

Point of View

by Kathleen Rowland

October 2011

Scenes and Sequels and Scenes, Oh My!

by Kat Duncan


November 2011

Characterization & POV– The Heart & Eyes of a Story

by Jaye Roycraft


December 2011

Ain’t Got No Rhythm: Troubleshooting Off-Beat Sentences

by The Grammar Divas


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