Procrastinators Support Program

Jan 2, 2018 by

For Members Only.

Procrastination and Motivation: two sides of the same coin. Finding the support to push us to write and derail procrastination. The Procrastination list, although not a formal committee, is where FTHRW hosts monthly Sprint In A Week (SIAW)’s where members join together to encourage and push each other to reach their highest writing goals in a week. The WBW is a full year of weekly reporting.

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  1. Michelle McNeill

    Can I still be included in this? I joined after it started, but I’m very interested! Thanks

  2. Alice Gilmartin

    I would like to participate also (I’m a member). I tried the link in Nikki’s email of today (2/1/15) but it didn’t work. Please include me.
    Alice Gilmartin

  3. Cerian Hebert

    I am a procrastination master! I’d like to join up!

  4. I would love to join in January 2016.
    LOL. I seriously need help. I’m even procrastinating over joining the procrastinators group.

  5. Jeannie Matlock

    Hello. I’m a new member who just come across this part of the site. I am constantly making excuses as to why I can’t write now, but I will later. Ha! Later never comes. I need a support group NOW! Is there anything out there that can help me? I know I’m not alone.

  6. Kelley Madick

    Please please can I join? Kelley

  7. Marija Carpenter

    I want, no I need TO join this group, please!

  8. Cheryl P. Rider

    Hi there:
    We’d love to have you join us!

    To participate in the FTHRW_Procrastinating loop, please email:

    You must be a current member of RWA and From The Heart Romance Writers.

    ~Cheryl P. Rider
    Procrastination Loop Moderator

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