2023 Webinars

The 8 Scene Story Setup


by Sue Brown-Moore


June 3, 2023


12 Noon Pacific Time
1:00 PM Mountain Time
2:00 PM Central Time
3:00 PM Eastern Time

 NON-Member $35

Member: $25

Drafting a tight, cohesive character arc on the first try can be as simple as planning eight key story moments. (Yes, really!) Join me, professional development editor Sue Brown-Moore, in this 60-minute training on The 8-Scene Story Setup to learn the shortcut framework that will simplify your plotting process and avoid some of the most common plotting pitfalls. During the final 30 minutes, Sue will answer questions about the presentation and her unique approach to storysmithing.

The 8-Scene Story Setup will guide your hero through their full Transformation Growth Arc so you can spotlight every powerful moment in their on-page character journey.

This session is perfect for fiction writers who
Struggle with constantly rewriting and tweaking a manuscript
Get stuck in the muddy middle of a story and don’t know what to do next
Write lackluster climax sequences and can’t figure out why
End up writing a totally different story than they set out to
Want to write gripping stories about people who become better versions of themselves

For pantsers—and anyone else who prefers to discover the story as they write it—the 8-Scene Story Setup is a way to sanity check your finished draft before you send it off for critiques or edits.

Don’t miss this inside peek at a professional storysmith’s personal toolkit. Sign up for The 8-Scene Story Setup webinar to learn which parts of your hero’s journey matter most and how to plan your story around them.


Known for being a tough editor with a soft touch, Sue Brown-Moore specializes in developmental editing for romantic fiction and champions progressive, inclusive literature. Sue helps writers rediscover their inner spark and push

through vexing story problems using the

character-first editing and storystorming techniques she teaches in her online university.

Sue has been featured in writing-focused conferences, summits, and publications (like Publisher’s Weekly), and the stories she collaborates on as both a freelance and acquiring editor have been celebrated with nominations and wins

for publishing industry awards like the Vivian, the Golden Heart, and the Lambda.

Learn more about working with Sue and choose the confidence-building workshop, playbook, or bite-sized training that’s right for you.