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Presentation with Mary Buckham

“10 Most Universal Hooks and Where to use Them in a Manuscript”


Saturday, April 29, 2023

1:00 pm Pacific Time Zone, 2:00 pm Mountain Time Zone, 3:00 pm Central Time Zone and 4:00 pm Eastern Time Zone



Registration Deadline for Members Only is April 24, 2023

WRITING ACTIVE HOOKS or How Many Hooks Are Enough?

Ready to learn what exactly a Hook is, and what a Hook isn’t? The simplest way to avoid a sagging middle, and to keep a reader reading, is to understand how to continually build hooks into your writing.

What we’ll cover:

• Explore what hooks are and how they work.
• Discover the 10 most common (universal) hooks and why they’re so widely used.
• Find where to place hooks to make them effective for both your genre and your audience.
• Unlock the difference between a compelling story and one that drags.

ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITY: On a first-come first-serve basis, when you register, you will be given the opportunity to submit the first line of a manuscript you would like to have reviewed (two lines if it’s very short). Only submit one document that has your first name, and a last name initial, the subgenre of what you are writing and the first line and must be unpublished. We must have at least five requests before we offer this opportunity.

EXAMPLE: Mary B. Inspirational. It was the day before my 40th birthday when my world ended…

BIO: USA Today bestselling author Mary Buckham learned to get into and out of trouble at a very early age. Time has added to her opportunities—detained by Israeli intelligence; strip-searched by a Greek border patrol while traveling with a priest, sneaking into Laos. When not personally avoiding nuisances caused by her insatiable curiosity she creates lots of disorder in her two Urban Fantasy series—Alex Noziak and Kelly McAllister as well as her co-authored young adult scifi action-adventure series under the name Micah Caida. In her spare time Mary writes Writing Craft books including, A Writer’s Guide to Active Setting, Writing Active Hooks and Break Into Fiction® co-authored with Dianna Love.

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