2024 Workshops, Webinar/zoom Proposals

FTHRW 2024 Workshop, Webinar/zoom Proposals


FTHRW offers online workshops, webinar/zoom classes to include, but not limited to: craft, marketing, business, research, and self-publishing. Workshop Classes are conducted in Group io. Webinars are offered through Zoom, and members only presentations are through Zoom.
Please fill in the form below, including a short bio, a description of the course and your fee. All proposals are tentative, and FTHRW board will discuss your proposal on June 7, 2023. If your proposal has been accepted, we will contact you.
Payment will be made at the end of the workshop. Payments are made through paypal. Please submit an invoice.
Thank you for your interest. Any questions, please email: workshops@fthrw.com

2024 Workshop;Webinar/zoom Presentation Proposal

  • Please send an invoice at the end of session