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Kathy Crouch

I had a suggestion of maybe Northern CA based on the description and another suggestion of Palo Duro Canyon, TX along with Arizona or New Mexico.
I have a couple of my SEAL books set in Yuma, AZ at the training grounds there and there is one couple in the series I have not been able to complete a story for. I’ve got character stuff using Gwen Hayes Romancing the Beat maybe this would be the story for them. It could be their story. Maybe I was forcing it.
I don’t want to force this one either. I’ve tried it along paranormal routes and got way out there strange that made no sense and I dumped it. Actually, I just gave up and quit writing on it.

In answer to Cheryl’s question I’m leaning towards a hit/execution of some type. I could up the ante and make the man executed an undercover agent of some kind. That would be different-maybe. Still thinking, knowing I need to decide by next Thursday.

I will get a late start to NaNo because I’m heading to Dallas after work for a tax update school given by my tax software company. The class is one day on Friday and I plan to drive to my in-law’s house on Cedar Creek Lake where we used to live before moving to Fort Hood in 2010. I won’t get to see them until after the holidays most likely. Since I’m sharing my job I’m a customer care agent (customer service rep) for a major retailer dot com. I worked the holiday season last year and it will be bumper to bumper back to back calls. But they keep adding people so we shall see. I was seasonal last year but I’m regular now.


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