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LeAnne Bristow

I have a couple of my SEAL books set in Yuma, AZ at the training grounds there and there is one couple in the series I have not been able to complete a story for.

where we used to live before moving to Fort Hood in 2010. I won’t get to see them until after the holidays most likely.

I just had to comment because we lived in Yuma for 8 years! My husband worked for the Dept. of Defense and did a lot of work out at the Proving Grounds. πŸ™‚

And the entire reason I live in Arizona, is because I grew up about 45 miles from Fort Hood. My hometown was Lometa and is super small. In high school, there wasn’t much to do except drive to Killeen and party with GI’s. I caught one and didn’t know what to do with him, so I married him. Have you ever been to Lampasas? I really miss me some Storm’s burgers. πŸ™


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