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Dory,  it sounds like you had a wonderful week! Words, classes, and kitties. Perfect.

I can’t wait to see pics of the kittens. I’ll bet they’re so fun. Good for you getting two so they can play with each other.

Are you planning to set a novel in Scotland? That sounds interesting!

My grandmother died of Alzheimer’s, so I know that heartache. I was with her when she passed and for the very tough years before. An awful disease and dementia can be so similar. Hugs to you.


I did 2910 words, finished 3 future learn classes and our own chapter ones. and my chain is still intact. Did 2 critiques for local group. have been reading up on Neolithic Scotland and how to deal with people with dementia. I take a lot of the future learn classes on this as my mom has dementia but its not alzheimers and therefore doesn’t follow the usual patterns.

the cats have made themselves invaluable as both stress and comedic relief. pics coming soon.



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