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Final 2018 Pages From The Heart Contest Report

The 2018 PFTH Contest is complete, winners have been announced on the FTHRW main loop, all Contest loops, and the Chapter Events loop. The announcement has also been sent to the editor of RWR.

All Prizes have been distributed, and judge feedback, graphics, and certificates have been sent to all contestants. Thank you eCards have been sent to all 1st round and 2nd round judges, Category Coordinators, Co-Chairs, and others who helped. Contestant thank you notes being forwarded to 1st and 2ndround judges will be an ongoing event through the end of the year.

An extra special thank you goes out to the Contest Staff:

PFTH Co-Chairs
Lynda Rees, Kimberly Warmke, Miranda Darrow, and Wendi Sotis

Category Coordinators:
LeAnne Bristow, Merien Gray, Lori Larson, Ana Morgan, Misti Moyer, Cheryl Pitones Rider, Leslie Scott, Wendi Sotis, Kimberly Warmke, and Brooke Winters

Cheryl Pitones Rider, Ana Morgan, and Tanya Sarlanis

Marie Benesh and Merien Grey

Respectfully Submitted,
PFTH Contest Committee


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