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5 out of 7 is good, Mona! Especially with a husband in pain to take care of.

Ouch. Ignoring his teeth sounds like a good way to get sick. 🙁

I understand not being happy with your teeth, though. I got Invisalign this year at the age of 47. It wasn’t fun, but I was surprised at how fast the time went. Now I wear a retainer, but no headgear, so that’s good.

Hope this week goes better for you!


I’m a bit late this week. (That wa my pathetic attempt at humor.) I only managed to edit/revise on five days instead of seven. My hubs, who always hated his overbite and thought it would be easier to ignore his teeth until he could get dentures, had 14 remaining teeth removed, extra bone removed, and implant posts put in. He has a mouth full of stitches, a black eye, a bruised chin, the whole inside of his mouth is bruised, and he was home with me all week. And guess who couldn’t eat solid food? Yep. And it drove him nuts until he went to a BBQ place and bought a pound of chopped beef he could eat without chewing. So my week was taken up catering to him and listening to him whine. I pointed out that he could’ve taken better care of his teeth and he wouldn’t be suffering now. His answer? “But you didn’t make me.” *facepalm*

Needless to say, I haven’t accomplished much of anything this week. Men are such babies.


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