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LeAnne Bristow

Secretary Report

The October board meeting for the FTHRW took place on Oct. 10, 2018 via Zoom.

President Ryder called the meeting to order at 5:02 pm.

Ana Morgan motioned to approve the Secretary’s report and Shirley Tudhope seconded it.

LeAnne Bristow motioned to approve the Treasure’s report and Shirley Tudhope seconded it.

The next topic for discussion was workshops. Arel Jenson reported that Ruchama has 1 or 2 workshops scheduled a month and that a few of the workshops overlap by a few days. The workshops on the forum are going well and it’s okay for a few of the workshops to overlap a little. There was some discussion on how to monitor the workshops to see how many participated and make sure they are benefiting the members. Shirley Tudhope suggested using the Topic of the Month to discuss workshops and get feedback . Merien Grey said she could post a survey after the completion of a workshop to get feedback as well. The board discussed making sure we have a breakdown of classes between craft and business to meet the needs of a wide range of writers.

Merien Grey suggested adding a Good News page with monthly announcements, releases, ect. The new website now has a Good News Ticker that scrolls across the screen with these announcements.

Next, the website committee discussed when a good time to close the yahoo loops would be now that all forums are on website. The board agreed to close the yahoo loops 90 days after the last loop has been transferred to the forums.

The new drop box for chapter business is up and all documents and files need to be uploaded and stored for security.

FTHRW Anniversary – The anniversary pendants are ready to go. The board authorized payment of the pendants so that they could be mailed to members. Members were asked to make sure their information was updated a few months ago so addresses should be ready.

Contest Committee – October 15th is the deadline for 2nd round judges to return score sheets.

The Contest Overhaul Committee is up and running. The discussion within the committee is how to keep the good parts of the contest but streamline it to make it less work.

Ana Morgan is the election coordinator for the upcoming year. Proposed changes for the 2019 year is Connie Bretes – running for VP of Programs and Arel Jenson – running for Treasurer.

Webinars – LeAnne Bristow will be coordinating the webinars along with the help of Christina Grissom.

The board discussed ways to encourage volunteers and have a seasoned volunteer/committee member teaming up with new volunteers to that it is not overwhelming to new members and they might be more likely to volunteer to run a committee the following year.

There was an email from Leslie at the RWA office regarding a new policy that all chapter dues must now go through RWA. Ana Morgan is checking with Leslie to make sure we are in compliance since our dues already go through the RWA site. RWA also requested the password to all chapter’s Paypal accounts. Ana will follow up to find out why this is necessary.

President Ryder suggested that we need to make it more clear who has what responsibility in regards to posting events to RWA.

There was no new business to discuss. LeAnne Bristow motioned to adjourn the board meeting and Shirley Tudhope seconded the motion.

President Ryder adjourned the board meeting at 6:18 pm, on October 10, 2018.

Respectfully submitted,

LeAnne Brisow

2018 FTHRW Secretary


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