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Merien Grey

Website committee report:

Site is mostly rolled over and ready. We are nailing down a few remaining issues with some folks not being able to log in. We aren’t sure why but are gathering information. Otherwise things are doing fine. Once we get the final kink worked out we would like to move forward to roll all loops to the main forum. We would like to go smallest to biggest and then “shut down” the yahoo forums planning to finish the main loop at the end of the year. That seems like a long time but we have to get all members on the forum and we have two things we are looking at still. One, seeing if there is any way to do some sort of “digest” and second to see if there is a way to enter members for no messages. Marie and I will be discussing that at our next meeting day after tomorrow.

The website committee doesn’t have an iron in the logo fire.

Linda is working on the class roster for next year, I will be building that the first week of December most likely so it will all be done before the end of the year as will all next years forums.

I am filling in our electronic membership software and talking to everyone who will be using it. I have gotten a few of you and have a few left. 🙂 Most likely looking at a December time frame to bring that into use. If you don’t know what I mean I haven’t talked to you yet and I will be contacting you soon.

Marie may chime in if I missed anything 😉

Warm Regards,



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