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Hello everyone:

I’m not sure who’s here, but I’m going to go ahead and move on to this agenda item while reminding you all to please take a look at the Contest Overhaul Committee post and comment. Also, any item prefaced by the subject line: 2018 Nov. Meeting is from this meeting and you should definitely take a look at it.

The Election Special Meeting. Should we go ahead and open the meeting on the main loop tonight and let it run while we have this one? Ana? If so, let me know and I’ll call it to order and turn it over to you. ?


PS-Someone has been impersonating me and sending emails out with my name on them. Ana got one a few weeks ago and Marie got one today. If a message from me feels off to one of you, please email me directly and ask if I sent the email. Note: I will never email any of you through the FTH email addresses. I have your direct addresses and that’s how I email you. So that’s a pretty big hint there. ?

All anyone needs to do is look at the actual email address the message is from. If it isn’t yours it isn’t you. It’s called a spoof. They only have your name. A bot scans the internet to find other email contacts for other people you are on the public internet with (like the public side of our site) via public associations and addresses. It’s annoying, but you haven’t been hacked. It’s a bot that correlates public info.

W/R, Merien

Thanks, Merien. I went online to research it today. I did change my passwords just in case. I do it every few months anyway.  The email to Marie was obvious, poor grammar and requesting that she purchase Steam cards for the board, LOL,  but the one to Ana was much better. Thankfully, we have a system in place. Plus, I email Ana all the time. She likely recognizes my way of speaking by now. 😉



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