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I’m excited! If we do have more than one contest, we could do one for published authors (cover contest, readers contest, ect) and one for unpublished.

It’ll be fun!

I think so, too. It would keep interest going in the chapter. We’d have to figure out how to judge it, though, as doing another full-on contest would be tough. If we could somehow figure out a way to let the chapter judge, say with a flash fiction contest, we’d keep the entries anonymous and do a “popular vote wins.”  I’d like to look into this. Maybe do an unofficial one on social media? If not a true flash fiction, then maybe a “best first line” sort of thing. We could offer Amazon cards or FTH workshops (to non-members)  as prizes. Something to discuss on the contest forum, for sure.

With that sort of contest, I think our focus is chapter promotion–at least, in the beginning. With our main contest, it’s chapter revenue. The two certainly overlap, but I think it’s good to know what we’re focusing on.

I should repost this is the contest overhaul forum. Why don’t I think of these things when I’m on that forum? 😉




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