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I understand the concept you are presenting, and I’m wondering since there already is a description of duties, that the term procedures may be more structured than necessary. It seems that there should be a little wiggle room and flexibility, to adjust accordingly to everyones own method of getting things done. As we discover things we do that makes the position easier, it can be noted for the next person. The positions should have the basic duties, obviously, and if things come up that seem to enhance, eor show evidence of greater success, they should be noted. But, I also understand that by giving the necessary steps that are involved to start the basic duties is important. An example, is in my case, not being tech savvy, I would be one that could use a step by step process to get me started. Once I get it, I’m fine. So, overall, I think your concept is worth reviewing.

Agreed. If you received a guide from the last person in your position, you might only need to update a few things, make notes about how you do those things, processes you’ve discovered to make the job easier. That’s actually what I got from Wendi. She had her own “hacks” and I used them at first and then adjusted them to suit my methods. But I wouldn’t have known where to begin without her procedure guide.

I would really like to see them all stored in our Dropbox account, too.



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