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All great questions, Shirley.

When I ask non-FTH members what they think the logo is, most say it’s a medical logo. Personally, I think it’s the colors and the mouse.

I’d like to see the colors updated and better suited to our new web design. Change the font. I think we should remove the mouse. Keep the circle, the heart, and the words, just in an updated font. We need it in all formats. We use it for pins (or will at some point), for contest badges, social media, and on the site.

We can certainly ask the membership if there are any graphic designers, but if we don’t like what the member designs we run the risk of hurting their feelings. Honestly, I’d rather outsource it. The places LeAnne found on Etsy are around $50 and I know we can come up with something on Fiverr for the same or cheaper. We might be able to ask for 3 designs, take them to the members and have them vote on their favorite. They’ll be an active part of the decisionmaking, it’s fun, and we’ll have our logo in every format we need.

That’s my two cents, anyway.



My thoughts relating to a new logo are:

1. What is it about the logo that isn’t liked? Colors? That can be changed; The mouse? That can be eliminated.

2. The logo button shape already makes for a good pin. Since that’s what we use it for in 3-d form.

3. With the name of the chapter, the heart is the main visual, but the heart shape is used in and for so many things, it’s cliche, so it looks good to be inside a shape like the circle.

4. The update that would make a more visual change would be to change the type face/font. That has an “older feel”. The color can be changed as well and it doesn’t need to be in italic.

5. I feel that these minor changes can easily be accomplished among ourselves. We already have a very creative board.

6. Why don’t we work it out first before putting it out.


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