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Thanks for the heads up on this, Merien. It would probably be smart to download our roster the day before. I’ll do it.


Hi all,

I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the ramifications of the upcoming RWA outage. It means no renewals and no new members for us until they are back up since we route payment through RWA. If you are in contact with anyone, know renewals are coming or know someone is thinking about joining please remind them to watch the dates. Also, we won’t be able to pull any reports for those one to two weeks so make sure you pull anything you might need from RWA before the 26th. Also, in the unlikely event something doesn’t come back up working right it might be longer before we can get fresh reports even if the system is working for payment so please make sure you have what you might need ?

I will do a post or two on it but anyone else who can think of ways it might affect our members please do the same.




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