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Congratulations, Dory! Both on your word count and chain! And on your chapter acceptance. If there’s anything I can offer to help out, email me and let me know.

That class is amazing. I’m a little behind because of my vacation, but I downloaded everything. She’s a fantastic teacher. So attentive and helpful!

I have used the term “carnelian eyes” in one of my romances. 🙂 I’d love to see that stone!

Have a great week!


I wrote 3280 words. Chain still intact. I am still taking 3 future learn classes plus our own synopsis class and learning a lot in our class.

It was a busy weekend for me–Friday was a gem and mineral show–bought a few pieces (a moonstone and a carnelian) and sat was my writers meeting. good news We just got our acceptance as a new RWA chapter. We are the Grand River Romance Writers. and we spent the time discussing websites, logos and dues etc.

Sunday was a craft fair in the morning and visiting mom in the evening.

Hope it was a productive week for all.



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