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Hi Mona:

It was a Dell. My desktop is a Dell and it’s the best computer I’ve ever had. But this Inspiron 7000 is giving me fits. It’s a gaming laptop and I’m running Scrivener on it. LOL (I play my games on Xbox and PS4 😉 )

Good luck with those revisions! Feels so good to get them done.


Way to go, Dory!!

Wow, Cheryl! What brand of laptop was it? I hate when something new doesn’t work like it should. A few years ago I had to take a brand new ASUS gamer back to Best Buy because it wouldn’t even boot up. Grrrr.

I got my seven days, and I’ve been putting in hours and hours of study trying to get the stupid revisions right. Hopefully, by the time I’m through I’ll have a decent book.


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