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If it works for the others, I’m okay with doing it on a different day. Could any of you do it next Tuesday, Dec 11 @ 5pm instead? Or Monday? I’d still have to ask Merien, but once we settle on a day we can all make it, I’ll email her directly.


Hey! I’m here. Both this week and next week are super crazy so no matter when the meeting is, I’m going to be juggling things, lol. I’ll get the secretary report posted for you this evening. I’m fine with doing the meeting this week, or postponing it. It is a ZOOM meeting this month, right? AT 5 pm Pacific? Funny how the time change messes up so much stuff for me and Arizona doesn’t even do it, HA!

Ana, I’m sorry you’re husband is having issues since his surgery. You be careful driving!

I haven’t sent out any renewal notices due to the website being down. They couldn’t pay them anyway. I have the feeling things are going to get nuts once that website comes back up.

Talk to y’all soon,



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