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Merien Grey

Hi all,

Looks like I am slow all the way around this week.

1. Website – all is well and seems to be slowing down to normal maintenance. As far as I can tell all groups except the main loop have rolled to the website. If anyone hasn’t please say so so we know where to focus to finish so we can focus on the main loop in another week or two.

2. Automated Renewal Notices – I am working through adding the additional required information into our membership software for all our members. It is time consuming and I am on plan to be done in about two weeks. Once we have all the information in, Marie and I will work on setting up the renewal notices. We also can’t do them until we are sure RWA is up and rolling and we have made the appropriate adjustments.

3. December Class – I contacted JoSelle about a week ago to make sure she knew her log in had not changed and that her forum was in place and ready whenever she is. Her forum is indeed in place and ready to go. I have done all the systems bits, but considering the issue we had last time it might not go amiss for someone else to check in with her and “see if she needs anything else”. She has not answered me back or reciprocated contact in any way so far unless she contacted Linda in which case, never mind 🙂

4. The 2019 Class schedule and forums – I will be taking the day on Dec 7th to build the class forums and workshops “home page” for the whole of 2019.

5. Anniversary Pendants – The pendants are made and curing (photo attached). I will be adding hardware this weekend and all the pretty bits, crystal hearts, etc. next week. The envelopes and all the extra bits are ready. I can do some show and tell next week and show what is in each packet if you all like. I am on plan to start mailings by the 15th. I will send the board a photo when everything is ready to go and will request the additional $1000.00 for postage at that time. Leanne, I still need the list of address updates from August-October, I know your busy, sorry to be a pest.

6. RWA report fiasco with addresses – Problem solved. I will back brief the board when we do the meeting, two to three minute thing, FYI only at this point.

If you have questions that I missed don’t be shy.

Warm Regards,



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