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Hello all,

At least Kathy and Cheryl gave NaNo a shot. I didn’t even attempt it this year. I’ve “won” several times, but the stories I cranked out were pure crap. And after all the frustrations I’ve had since September, I decided I’d rather spend quality time with my WIP. And I did.

I was revising, but decided I couldn’t progress any further until I knew my world inside and out. So I got out the iPad, opened up GoodNotes, and started writing in longhand. That way I had to think. And what I love about GoodNotes is that I could turn those handwritten notes into a pdf file and save them to Dropbox to print later. It will also convert handwritten print to text. Yay.

I spent all seven days writing by hand…..usually four hours or more a day. Now I think I’m ready to tackle the revisions again.

Mona Enderli
w/a Merit Fynn


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