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Nice consistency on the 7/7! Good for you, knowing when to switch gears, Mona. Still learning this, myself.

As far as NaNo, I think we can get caught up in just getting words on the page sometimes and not stop to consider whether or not those are the words that should be on the page. I find it works best for me when I’ve got a strong outline. (which I rarely have. LOL)

GoodNotes sounds like a helpful program. I sometimes write in notebooks, just for something different. But then I have to transcribe them into the computer. I need to figure out my new computer’s notepad program. I’ve fooled around with the pen a little, but I haven’t taken the time to teach it much. Now you’ve got me interested…


Hello all,

At least Kathy and Cheryl gave NaNo a shot. I didn’t even attempt it this year. I’ve “won” several times, but the stories I cranked out were pure crap. And after all the frustrations I’ve had since September, I decided I’d rather spend quality time with my WIP. And I did.

I was revising, but decided I couldn’t progress any further until I knew my world inside and out. So I got out the iPad, opened up GoodNotes, and started writing in longhand. That way I had to think. And what I love about GoodNotes is that I could turn those handwritten notes into a pdf file and save them to Dropbox to print later. It will also convert handwritten print to text. Yay.

I spent all seven days writing by hand…..usually four hours or more a day. Now I think I’m ready to tackle the revisions again.


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