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Wonderful job on the words this week, Dory! You’re so consistent!

I’m sorry to hear that your mom is ill. Sounds like they’re taking every precaution to ensure that she doesn’t catch a secondary infection. Sending good thoughts and healing vibes her way.

I think I’m nearly finished with Christmas shopping. I think. haha I always forget something.

Hope you have a good week 50. Wishing you and your family a peaceful week.


I wrote 3415 words, chain still intact. finished some future learns and took some more.

My mom who is 87 and in assisted care is in isolation in her room due to severe flu. I have been going down to check in on her. there are several there who are also quarantined. and the outbreak signs are on the main door. She is still week but I’m seeing some improvement when I do and check on her. I was there several times since Wednesday. I’ve got so much protective clothing on to see her it looks like I’m ready to operate but its the only way hey will let me in.

I did manage to get out and get some Christmas shopping done. but still have some.



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