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Nice week, Kathy!

I totally understand the desire to take advantage of overtime. This month is always a tough one for me writing-wise because my family comes in and I want to spend time with them. So I understand being distracted. Although, you did amazing for being distracted!

Now you have to explain 100 x 100 to me. I feel like I should know this…


Here we are again. I managed 2110 words this past week. The word counts are up and down. I’ve been working longer hours not just for the overtime but they’re offering kicker bonuses of $3 an hour and my little fingers run to the “waiting room” and post I can work 7-10 central time every day. Still toddling along with the NaNo story for now. I have so many things part way finished that I want to see how far I can get with this one. I’m pretty sure the overtime will dwindle after we start the new year. Except for all the wonderful returns. ?


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