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Thanks, Jenn. very helpful catches and suggestions. Much appreciated.

Taking Anna’s suggestion I added a kiss on the end. Is this one passionate enough. I didn’t want to over do it as they did just meet.

“So let’s forget about words.” Cliff gathered her against him and settled his mouth gently on hers. His lips were warm, soft, and after a fraction of a second, she opened to him.

It had been so long since she’d been held. So long since she’d been kissed. Shivers ran up and down her spine. She wanted to stay in his arms forever. Still, Clint Whitney was pretty much a stranger, even if she did love the soft comfort of his beard and how his mustache tickled her upper lip and the way he tasted—like he’d just licked a minty candy cane. For the first time in a long time, warmth filled her from head to toe.

But all he was doing was trying to make her feel better after that horrible faux pas. No sense encouraging the man. Surely, an Olympic star had kissed far more glamorous women in his time on the slopes. He could do a lot better than a grumpy carpenter who didn’t own one dress.

Emma pressed her hand against his chest. “Stop. Please.”

He jerked back. “Sorry. I didn’t mean—”

She plucked at her flannel shirt. “Not the kiss. Liked that. It’s just. Well, look at me. I’m blunt and unfashionable—”

“And strong? Confident? Hardworking? Unbelievably brave?.” He ran his knuckles down the side of her cheek and smiled. “Brave enough to save my lambs. Brave enough to save this Santa. Emma let’s not be strangers anymore.” His arms came around her and his mouth lowered again.

This time she didn’t pull away. This time, Emma let herself sink into the kiss. Let herself believe that maybe sometimes Christmas wishes did come true.



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