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As your friendly neighborhood Productivity Forum moderator, I would like to tell you all I am perfect at tracking my goals, that I have this writing productivity thing down, that procrastination is something I see in my rearview mirror.



I had a week. There was sneaky writing, there was good and bad writing, there was gnashing of teeth over my inability to write a contemporary romance without trying to sneak in a shapeshifter. I won’t call December a wash, but it’s never going to be my most productive month. I had to chuck a nearly 30,000 word MS this week. I was doing that thing, you know the thing where you write something, but you’re mentally doing chores in another part of the house? In short, I was committing a cardinal writing sin: I was boring myself.

So, I’m back to playing to my strengths. Writing the weird stuff.

My goal for this week is just to get some reading in, watch a writing class, or do some plotting/editing/writing every single day. It’s a strange goal, I know. But I think I need to ease up a little on the expectations.

Have a good week, everyone!



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