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Great minds think alike. 😉

I really just want to make sure I don’t get so sucked up into all the revisions and edits that I don’t get at least a few words down.

Keeping the ideas coming and fresh, is super helpful across the board. I’ll do my fifteen minutes at the end of the day, once everyone is in bed and the house is quiet. I’m thinking it’ll be a bit of creativity rejuvenation.

I even put the 15 a day in my planner … I’ll keep a track of word count too and most certainly report bat (possibly with pictures, LOL).


We’ve got the same goal, Leslie!

15 minutes a day is how I wrote daily for over a year straight. Something about that 15 minutes just seems so doable. I also like 8 minutes, as in The 8-minute Writing Habit. Who doesn’t have 8 minutes to spare?

You’ll have to report in with how that 15-minute plan works with your very busy days. I bet with your organizational skills and motivation, you’re definitely going to meet your goals.



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