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Merien Grey

Hi all,

If this is not fixed by say the end of next week my suggestion would be we freeze all membership renewals and extend them until 31 Jan 2019 and redirect all traffic from RWA direct to our site and PayPal. That way no one gets missed and we have all our dues in check. Then instead of having to gather up all the loose threads from RWA we just have a list to add when they come back up.

I have just finished adding the entire roster to our membership software and in 48 hours I will remove all the defunct log ins. This means for Ana/Arel, Cheryl, and Leanne on 1 Jan you will have a current clean roster to work from that all of you can see and update. As for RWA, if we reroute all traffic through our site temporarily the members won’t see any issues paying, they won’t see anything not working at all.

More on the roster in two days, I am so excited to finally have it ready to go. Shirley and Connie, when you two are ready, let me know what you need and I can plan to walk you through it online and show you what you need to know. I need to get with Arel in the next ten days as well to get you all trained. No more rosters all over the place, log in and see what you need and that’s it. I add all the new folks and no more duplication of effort. Yay!

Warm Regards,



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