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Merien Grey

Good Morning Pat!

Welcome again 🙂 Right now RWA is still down for maintenance on the administrative side after their rebuild (at least for us and some of the other chapters). The problem is with them for the moment, we are hoping for a fix this coming week per what they have told us. You are one of several members who have not been able to pay joining or renewal dues because the pay link RWA sets up for us is non-functional at present. We have you set up with no limitations on our “books” and have you on a list to contact you to take care of dues when RWA is up again. Once they are up and functional we will send you (and the others) a link to retroactively pay your dues. So for now, until RWA gets rolling again, have fun on the site getting settled in, you have nothing else to do for a bit. Our apologies on behalf of RWA for the delay and admin hassle.

Warm Regards,



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