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I did not meet my goal to write on Friday before starting Shabbat preparation or on Saturday night after Shabbat was over.  I have never written on those days and times.  I see now that it was a mistake to try to change a pattern that is woven into the warp and woof of my life.   I’m back to not committing to writing on Friday or Saturdays, even when Shabbat hasn’t begun or is over.

I learned something else.  Sunday night I felt myself resisting writing.  So rather than open up my work in progress,  I assigned myself a couple of exercises from Ursula Quin’s book on writing, Steering the Craft.  The exercises focused on writing for the pure pleasure of creating and enjoying beautiful prose.  The time just flew by.  I spent almost and hour writing and re-writing and enjoyed every second of it. I didn’t have to please anyone but myself, or fit what I had created into my work in progress.   Doing these exercises reminded how much I love writing for its own sake.  So from now on I am going to start every  writing session with a  warming up exercise solely to experience pure joy of writing.


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