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Caro, I totally understand. It’s why I made that 15-minute minimum rule for myself. Some days are just too packed to do more than that.

YAY for you on all your hard work this week! And for keeping that chain going during a very busy time!

Hopefully, work slows down for you this week, but, if not, then you have your 15-minute minimum to keep that chain alive and still get your work done.


Managed to write every day and was wonderfully productive Tuesday-Thursday.

Then real life struck and I ended up with a massive pile of work dumped in my queue — work that had my boss asking, “Why wasn’t this done prior to New Years?” (The response “My queue was clean Monday night and these all came in after 1/1” mollified her only slightly.) So I ended up doing corporate work Friday evening to Sunday.

So, only managed to get fifteen minutes in each day Friday-Sunday between that and my other obligations, but it’s more words than I had Tuesday morning, which is a victory. The heavy and chaotic nature of the year-end renewals often derails me, which it did in the last half of December, so getting even those fifteen minutes was good.


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