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LeAnne Bristow

December Board Meeting – FTHRW


The December Board meeting was held on December 11, 2018 at 5 pm Pacific time.

In attendance were Merien Gray, LeAnne Bristow, Cheryl P. Rider, Shirley Tudhope and Ana Morgan.

Ana Morgan made a motion to approve the Secretary report and Shirley Tudhope seconded the montion.

LeAnne Bristow motioned to approve the Treasurer report and it was seconded by Shirley Tudhope.

Next, the board reviewed the workshop committee report. All workshops have been scheduled through 2019. There was some discussion on how to promote the workshops and make sure all chapter members had access to the forums on the website and the workshops were no longer on yahoo loops.

The webinar committee reported that they have contacted Mary Buckham to set up a webinar for 2019 but a date hasn’t been established yet. They also want to set up a webinar with Merien Gray.

The website is transitioned over and all the yahoo loops will begin to be deleted. The website committee reported that they are looking into creating a digest function for the main forum for subscribers as well as looking into the system sending out automatic renewal letters. There was some discussion on how the RWA transfer might affect how the RWA site and the FTHRW site talk to each other. There was also some discussion regarding the difference in dates for member renewals on the RWA site and our own records. Merien is working on a master list to make sure all dates are correct.

The next item for discussion was how to improve the logo. Discussion included removing the mouse from the logo, updating the colors and font to blend better with our new website and keeping the circle.

The dissolution of all the yahoo groups was next on the agenda. Some of the loops have already been deleted. A couple of the workshop loops require the owner of the loop to do it so President Rider is contacting them to be added as an admin in order to complete the dissolution of the yahoo groups. All remaining files within the yahoo groups are being transferred to our drop box. There was also discussion on making sure the members are aware that we are no longer using yahoo and making sure they can all access the forums.

Merien updated us on the pendants for our 20th anniversary celebration. They are ready for postage and will be mailed soon. The money for postage has been approved and the difference will be refunded back to the chapter after completed.

Connie Bretes is posting about the Nano winners in the forums and on Facebook.

Next, the board discussed the new meeting schedule for 2019 with the new board. Most board members prefer zoom meetings to forum meetings, but will be discussed with the incoming board members. There was also some discussion about board meetings being open to all members and how to invite members to the meetings. Only executive board members have a vote but committee member input is appreciated and encouraged to attend the board meetings.

New business for discussion was brought up by Merien. Our current webhost is very slow and she would like to look into other hosting options. She will present a report to the board during the January meeting.

President Rider thanked Ana Morgan for her service to the board. This was her last meeting as an executive board members and the board thanked her for her continued service to the chapter.

LeAnne Bristow motioned to adjourn the meeting. Ana Morgan seconded the motion.

President Rider adjourned the December Board meeting at 7:32 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

LeAnne Bristow

FTHRW Secretary




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