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Thanks for the feedback, Connie. Very helpful. I planned Mic’s black moment to be when he decided to give up his bridge project and save Lena and then almost dies in the sewer. I might have to make that clearer. I let Jax get away so he can reappear in the next book. But maybe you are right, and I need to take him out or at least indicate that he’s been defeated in some way.

I have reworked the ending a bit. Here is a possible new version. Thoughts?


Heat rushed through him. Mic crushed her to his chest. “Wouldn’t want you back? How can you say such a thing? Don’t you know? You stole my heart the night you fell off a bridge and landed at my feet.”

Lena grinned up at him. “Best heist of my life. You never gave up on me. Never turned your back. Never stopped trying to save me and my family.” Lena put her hand on her own heart. “You are a very precious man, and I know exactly where I’m going to keep that very precious heart I stole. Tucked right here under the skin next to mine forever.”

“Forever sounds perfect to me. Lena Correr, I promise to love you and our future children for as long as my stolen heart beats. Now to stake my claim so no one steals you.” Mic patted his pockets. “I don’t seem to have an engagement ring handy. But I do have this.” He lifted her arm and slipped on the watch. “Mine.”

Lena rubbed her hand over the watch. “Ours.”

He rested his hand on her baby bump. “Us.” Then his lips met hers, and they melded together, skin to skin, heart to heart, forever.


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