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Thanks, Jenn. Your feedback was specific and to the point. Used all your suggested changes. You even found misspellings that Prowriting and my publisher’s editor missed.

By the way everyone, I am trying out ProwritingAid as a grammar and spelling checker. A friend of mine who edits textbooks told me most copyeditors use Prowriting now. Just ran the whole novel through. So far it has done a pretty good job. It missed a few things, but not too many and sure found a ton I didn’t see, especially missing words which is my biggest problem. It also finds repeated phrases which is helpful if you do cut and pastes. It is free for small writing selections. If you want to paste in your whole novel, it costs $46 a year which isn’t too bad.  Note, I found the summary and most other things it does not terribly helpful. And Autocrit does one thing it doesn’t, it shows you repeated words that are in close proximity and in a much easier to see and use format. But I see Autocrit is now way expensive. I was grandfathered in for free and didn’t realize they had jacked up the price so much. Anyone have something they use for editing?


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