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Back again. Connie. Would this work to show Jax and Jana get punished?


She (Harmond) nodded. “The idea that she had dealings with that slime bag Wheeler. Let him in our apartment. Ugh.” She slipped a flash drive out of her pocket and handed it to him. “But so you know. Jax Wheeler won’t be bothering anyone for a very long time. I forwarded the surveillance video to my poppa, the district attorney. He and Jana will be facing real estate fraud charges.”

“Couldn’t happen to a more evil guy. Sorry about Jana, though. I think her heart was in the right place. Just chose the wrong tactics.”

“You don’t show your love by destroying the lives of other people. Jana will have to find another honeybun to warm her bed—in prison.”

She was right about that. Jana had destroyed everything. He swallowed a curse and stepped into the elevator. He had no worries about Cecile Harmond. She’d find another lover to keep her living the high life.

While he, on the other hand, had no hope left. His life was broken into a thousand pieces. He’d lost his money and his reputation. He’d lost the chance to build his dream bridge. He’d proved his sister right. He had no common sense.

Those things he might survive. But losing the woman he loved? He’d never recover from that.


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