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Yep, you’re right. March is peeking around the corner. Sounds like you’re making progress, though, Kathy. Good for you!

It’s hard to figure out that word count when you’re cutting. I once cut 20K words from a story. That was rough. I feel your pain. 🙁

Wishing you organized thoughts and lots of good progress on your edits this week! 🙂



I realized March is closer than I hoped. I began working on Death List edits so hopefully she’ll get a clean copy. The back side is still really bad. I have scenes that take place before others that are sitting after the follow up ones. I wrote 545 words and have deleted 13,710 saving some trashing others. It was at 105,791 words when I started looking to see how many words I was removing each day. I know it was over 107,ooo when I originally began playing with it. I removed a chunk of the first chapter that an instructor in a show don’t tell workshop explained was unnecessary and an entire chapter the editor suggested removing after she read the first three last year. I put all of it in another document. Some it though I just deleted. I don’t want to fool with keeping stuff I’ve moved beyond. Like I discovered I had her returning home to find her home invader from the day before had left her a note. Her SEAL was concerned over sabotage to her car. But she had driven her car to her friends’ house after the home invasion. So no way for it to be sabotaged. That went into the garbage. Instead, he asks her friends to take her to work. She’d spent the night with him, coming home to change her shirt and jeans for a pair of khakis and a uniform top. Her friends came over to check on her realized her garage door was up. Concerned for both Amanda and Jake they came in armed with guns drawn.


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