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“I’m in marketing.”

“Oh, what sort of marketing?”


“You sell … phones?”

“I sell on the phone.”

“So you’re a telemarketer?”

More goofy than sketchy, though. (And I was a telemarketer in high school. Some super sketch people in that business.)

“I’m in sales. Medicinal sales.”

“So, you work for a pharmaceutical company?”

“Nah, I’m not into that corporate stuff. I’m an independent contractor. I grow cannabis in my basement and sell it to the seniors in my neighborhood. They get glaucoma meds and I pay my rent. Win-win.”

Allison, do you mean dangerous sketchy or annoying sketchy? I should have asked before I went off on a tangent. 😉 I’d say weight loss guru, social media “influencer,” pay-to-play publisher… 😀



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