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Thank you for the feedback, Reina. Great catches, especially on the punctuation.

The last line in the sceneĀ  “The world belongs to those that take it” was actually what Anna wrote when she signed her photos.

And this is interesting, since all of you have corrected itĀ  – until the late 1800s, it was called woman’s rights not women’s rights.

I have tried hard to use the language of the time and in many places actual quotes. I have a lovely, thick Webster’s dictionary from 1858 and I have read all the family letters in the Library of Congress. One choice I did make was to not use thees between Anna and Lisbeth, for the reader’s ease, although in actuality, as Quakers they used thees all their lives to each other. I kept the use of thee with the mother. She was called Marmee like in Alcott’s books. That was how they referred to her, and how she signed her letters.

I want to be historically accurate, but if anyone feels the historical touches are overwhelming or distracting from the story let me know.



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