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Thanks, Merien!


Here is the update from the website committee:

Website committee report:
1. We have a digest function almost functional. It is on the back end of the site and functional but there is a glitch with how to put it on the visible side of the site. We have a request in to the developer for what to do to make that work. Otherwise, we are 95% of the way to having this done. A reminder that this is custom code being written for us and the (board approved) cost will be $54 when complete.
2. We are stalled out on RWA updating our dates. They have had our first five fixes in hand for almost four weeks now with no corrections. They have stated to me they are not concerned with them at the moment while they build the required pages for the RWA conference this summer. I would like to move forward and get all the payments and renewals complete on our end and build them a list and go from there on getting the list complete. All our current members have been able to renew and join just fine. I have a few left (about a dozen that need to renew). I would like to get them done and just have a date adjustment list for RWA. I CAN now see our roster on RWA so I can go in and match our list to theirs as far as being in the order required to make changes so it might be a little easier for them. However, after attending the last two RWA systems trainings I don’t feel remitting that list at this time will get us anywhere.
3. We still have a bug in non-member registrations where non-members are able to generate their own (non-working) credentials. I am getting notifications when this happens from the site and go in and fix them immediately and email the member what they have won’t work and provide them with functional credentials but sometimes if I am out there is a few hours lag. We are aware and working on it.
4. We have added a workshop survey to the members only page for out of cycle feedback and the link has been provided to workshops to include on the final message for each class.
5. We have built a welcome (new members) page and included the link at the end of the new member application. Marlene is now responsible for pins, sending welcome e-cards and directing new member traffic. She has had a Zoom tour of the site and is confident and able she can direct folks as needed.
6. We have added our own poll function to the website as RWA’s is non-functional. This week I will get with Cheryl to figure out how to use it for the outstanding budget poll the board still plans to put out.
7. We are considering doing a video tutorial page where I would do short walk throughs for our members struggling with how the site works. Still playing around with how to do this but Marie and I are looking at options.
8. We are planning a separate webinar page for registration and information once we have that information.
9. We have changed the order of replies in the forums to go from most current to oldest. If this creates an issues please let us know. It was per request from multiple forum leads. However, if it is creating an issue somewhere we did not anticipate please let us know. Whatever changes we make have to be for all the forums but if there are problems we can always look at other ways to do things.
Warm Regards,
Post Script: Anniversary Pendant Update: Six weeks has passed since pendants went out. I have none back and have nine remaining to ship out if any are broken somehow. I have the remaining $25 -/+ of postage to send them. I sent my final invoice to Cheryl and Arel and it has been paid. So the contract with me has officially been fulfilled. With me going back on “volunteer” status instead of paid contractor. I will hold the remaining pendants unless someone else wishes to do so. If another few weeks go by and I don’t end up needing to send any more out I will mail the remaining roll of stamps to Marlene to use for pendant mailings. Unless the board specifies something different that is 🙂

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