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LeAnne Bristow

Secretary Report

The January Board meeting for the From the Heart Online RWA Chapter was called to order on January 9, 2019 by President Cheryl P. Rider.

In attendance were: Connie Bretes, Merien Grey, Shirly Tudhope, Ana Morgan, Amanda Murphy and Arel Jansen.

The first order of business was to approve the Secretary’s repot. Shirley Tudhope made a motion to approve the report and it was seconded by Connie Bretes.

A motion to approve the Treasure report was made by LeAnne Bristow and seconded by Shirley Tudhope.

Next on the agenda was to set up the meetings calendar for the 2019 year. After some discussion regarding different dates, a calendar was approved for both monthly board meetings and for chapter meetings to be held every other month, following the board meeting.

The workshop committee reported that all classes have been scheduled through 2019 and have been added to the forums. $3800 has been added to the budget for the workshop forums for the year. Ruchama will receive workshop surveys after participants fill them out.

The board discussed surveying chapter members to see where writers are in their journey to help focus workshops on what members are most interested in.

LeAnne and Christina Grissom are setting up webinars for 2019. It was decided that they would do only 3 or 4 per year. One with Mary Buckham has been discussed as well as one with Merien Grey.

Merien Grey reported for the website committee. She said that our current webhost, Lunar Pages, is very slow. With our upgraded website and the move from yahoo loops to forums, our chapter is in need of much more storage and a wider bandwidth. She found a new hosting company that will run around $202 a month ($71 for the first year) compared to the $100 a month we are paying now. The board discussed switching over to the faster company and took a vote. The board unanimously agreed to the switch and will add the additional monies to the website budget. Next, the board discussed the best time frame for switching over. It was decided that the website would be down from Feb. 1 – 3 in order to switch.

The next topic was making sure all members are aware of the roll over from the yahoo loop to the main forum. Only 82 of our 184 members are on the website. The website committee is waiting on a digest plug-in to be working correctly before really pushing the members to switch over. There was discussion on how to encourage people to join the forums and Merien offered to do a zoom meeting to teach members how to use the forums. The Yahoo and Groups IO loops will remove all members be the end of February and will completely close down after one eyar.

The 2019 budget will be completed by the February board meeting. The budget will be submitted to the chapter for member voting via poll through RWA site.

The 20th Anniversary pendants have all been mailed out, with none returned or reported damaged during shipping.

The contest committee reported that a core group had formed to make decisions regarding updating score sheets, contest changes, ect. It was decided to move the contest entry date from June 1 to Aug. 1 in order to capitalize on the excitement right after the RWA convention.

Board members are still looking at options regarding updating the Logos. Mainly, the colors and font need upgrading as well as removing the mouse from the heart in the logo. Members were asked to bring options to the next board meeting.

Members in attendance discussed if we would meet via Zoom every month. It was agreed to meet via zoom if all board members were able to access the internet and participate.

With no other business to discuss, LeAnne Bristow made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Shirley Tudhope seconded the motion.

Respectfully submitted,

LeAnne Bristow

2019 FTHRW Chapter Secretary



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