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Merien Grey


You should show as a chapter admin. I added you when I added the rest of the board. Somehow RWA decided I was the only one who was a chapter admin so I added the board and Marie.

Our stuff is all over the place at the moment. Also, most of the stuff she says is fixed really isn’t exactly “fixed” as in working properly. I am currently talking to them about once a week on our updates to our members. The original five I sent still haven’t been done.

We are sort of in a holding pattern for the moment. The last word I had from Kristen (that’s a little bit wrong, Krista maybe?) was that they had all the chapter catch up stuff on hold while they completed the roll out for the summer RWA conference.

You are not alone, both sites they have our stuff scattered across are changing daily as to where things are and what does and doesn’t work. I don’t mean to sound like I am complaining, they have a big job but I don’t want you thinking it’s you either. None of us, or the chapter as a whole, are any sort of “problem”. We are just not quite functional, like several other chapters still aren’t either.





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