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Laura Ashwood

Hi Ana, thank you…

How old is the niece? she is 6.

What are her interests? She loves playing with horses and dress up dolls. She is just learning to read and loves books. She loves her play kitchen set and wants to cook but her uncle isn’t much of a cook at all and so she doesn’t have that.

Health issues? None known. Her mom was pretty much clean throughout the pregnancy but when Brooke (6 year old) was about 3 months old, she started using again. Health issue is not something I considered, but certainly could.

Does she love animals? Animals are her favorite things. She has never had a pet.

What is the story setting? Small town, midwest, present day. Hero lives in a modest house in town, he is a contractor.

Is the heroine in a position to fulfill a wish, or will she have to take a risk to fulfill it? She is trying to make it on Broadway (having left her small town after high school with big dreams). She is struggling as a BAD waitress, getting crappy parts and is feeling pretty down. Her friend died and the wish is part of a request to the group of friends that was sent after she died. She is back (reluctantly) in town taking care of her mom after her mom falls and breaks her hip. She may have embellished her NY career a little and knows her mom talked her up so she feels like a let down coming home. Monetarily, she struggles, so it can’t be an expensive gift unless she finds someone else to donate that gift.

Also, hero is a few years older than heroine. His sister and heroine were friends in high school.

Thank you


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