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Merien Grey
No problem, here is where we are this month:
Website committee report:
1. Factual statement here not being critical, please and thanks. We have redirected our new member and renewal payment functions to our website, instead of through RWA, until they are in better shape to handle them. We are stalled out on RWA updating our chapter renewal dates. We submitted our first five fixes almost five weeks ago and corrections are still not complete. They have stated they are not concerned with those updates at the moment since they are building the required pages for the RWA conference this summer.  With our fix in place, all our current members have been able to renew just fine. We are maintaining a correct and current chapter roster within the chapter so all those renewals and updates are being captured without problem. The webteam is keeping a running list of all new and renewed members to give to RWA once they are ready and functional again so they can bring their system up to day. They have taken away the ability for chapter admins to update those dates, in the past we could. Now only RWA can adjust them. We are one of nearly two dozen chapters that have similar updates so I don’t see this being fixed anytime soon on the RWA side. Until then, we are rolling along just fine here in the chapter.
Please ignore any messages from RWA concerning renewals. Those messages are blanket messages going out to several chapters. We are not one of the chapters that are dependent on RWA to process dues so the messages they send don’t apply to us.
2. We have added a workshop survey to the members only page for out of cycle feedback and the link has been provided to workshops to include on the final message for each workshop. Members may leave feedback or suggest a class or instructor at any time.
3. We have built a soft copy welcome (new members) page/packet and included the link at the end of the new member application. New members will now get a packet as soon as they pay instead of waiting to be sent one a few days later. This freed up our membership coordinator and VP Comm to send personalized welcomes and get new members onto our forums more quickly instead of just providing the canned list of instructions for new members.
4. We have added our own poll function to the website as RWA’s is currently non-functional. This gives us the ability to run our own polls anytime and help members who are having trouble accessing it internally instead of having to send them to RWA for help.
5. Soon we will be adding the separate webinar page for registration and information on our 2019 webinars. The ladies coordinating our webinars almost have the schedule for the year lined out and ready to post. Look for the page later in the month. It will be on the workshops menu somewhere 🙂
6. We have changed the order of replies in the forums to go from most current to oldest per request of users. If this creates an issues please let us know.
The move to a new host the first of the month was very successful. We were able to improve site loading times, add several security upgrades, and get several bugs with our existing plug in’s worked out. General use of the site has been faster and the server 500 errors have gone away almost completely. Most of our log in errors were taken care of as well. We still have one or two folks having some issues there but for the most part that is working smoothly for all. We are very pleased with the outcome and want to pass along our thanks to our members or their continued patience as we improve the site and fix all the little buggy issues that pop up.
Warm Regards,
Merien and Marie

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