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Laura Russell

Oh no, Linda!


I’m in MST  so I’m excited about a nighttime sprint. I often write at 10 PM or 11 to midnight so I can sprint with you both at night.


What time zone are you in? I am a night owl, myself. I’m in San Diego. Let’s set up a sprint for a time that will work for you. I bet it’ll work for someone else, too.

I’m sure I sound like a broken record, but, yes, another power outage Monday night! I had just

Not sure I’d be able to do SIAW as I work during the day. I’m a little timid about joining the Stormplotting group, thinking that my problems will sound inane. 🙂


I also wanted to add something for Linda!!

Your hesitancy about asking the storm plotters for help reminded me of  something that I struggle with as a beginner, comparing  myself to other more established writers

I’m trying to convince myself that we are much better off not comparing ourselves to others. If the stormies turn out to be dismissive of your problem, then really that is their problem.

You might be right about not turning to them for help because I have experienced that in my local chapter.

Some of the more experienced are not as patient as I would like them to be.

But asking did not hurt me 🤪




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