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Hi Jamie!

Do you have a specific goal in mind? Word count/hours/days/pages? Or do you want to keep it flexible?

Actually, those are great sprint times! Feel free to call sprints, too. If you have a quick half hour or 20 minutes to write, just post here and go for it! I write at odd hours of the day and night, every day. My favorite sprint length is 20 minutes, but I’ll do longer if someone wants to and break it up into 20-minute increments with a break in between. Got my Tomato Timer ready to roll!

And yes, chocolate is definitely good. 🙂


I want to do this because I need a kick start. My only problem is narrowing down a time or times that I could actually sprint. I’m on the east coast and anytime between 8am and 4pm or between 6pm and 8pm. But I’ll do what I can.

Reward? I’ll just be happy to get words on a page. And chocolate. Chocolate is good.


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